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BLO's project is support  young women to learn new skills such as computer, internet and English language and it will help them to continue their education in hight level in future. Afghan's young generation are so interest to see the world through technology. Zarmina, Salma, and Nahid are our young students those participated in English and computer courses and now they are getting ready for college.

One of BLO's honorable projects is support children with disabilities. Here a short story of one of our disable child. 

"My name is Khatera, I'm 9 years old
 and living in Kandahar Afghanistan. My favorite thing in my life is laughing with my friends when I'm playing with them in school. Touching and tacking their hands and moving around and around.I like read color I think when people talk about red I can hear happy sounds behind the red color.I like all kind of foods and my favorite fruit is pamograrate.I wish one day I become singer. And do you want to know about what happened for my eyes? When I was a baby my mom found out I see difficultly, and my vision get worst day by day because there,isn't any doctors in our city to surgery my eyes. and now I completely lost my vision.I like poems and I'm writing some poems Here is one of them:
"Clouds were shacking the sky last night and three stars felt down from Sky into my palm hands. The stars was so pretty and then I thrown up stars again to the sky..."
 I pray and thankful for BLO's 
people those provided for me school stuffs and reading/ writing Aids.


One of BLO's honorable projects is support young woman to participate in business training classes and get them certificate to promote their business and make more job opportunities for another women. Zara is one of our students and she is going to start her business.