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Our women's group and leadership team in Afghanistan encourage young women to learning some skills like computer and English language  to support their future and become financially independent.  

BLO leadership team are working to promote social situation and assist in establishing peace and harmony among the Afghans with a focus on women. BLO staffs is committed towards strengthening civil society by promoting education, economic, and human rights. We accomplish these goals by providing educational services and training for women, in partnership with national and international NGOs and UN agencies.The key staffs of BLO are educated women in and out of Afghanistan who have the ability and expertise necessary to implement these programs for Afghan's women.
BLO has records of successful  educatinal projects and partnerships. We have partnered with other organizations, including USAID since 2007 to now. 
BLO staffs are committed to working toward peace, justice, equality, and freedoms to participate in all spheres of life and live without fear. BLO leadership team are  working to make a bridge between Afghan and Uniter states's women thought educational programs to know their rights, develop their individual potential, self-determination, and to be represented in all areas of life, political, social, cultural and economic. We advocate for women's rights and challenge the norms that underpin gender-based violence wherever opportunities arise to influence attitudes and bring about change.     

Our women's group and leadership team are traveling around U.S to support Afghan's women education.