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Through our literacy projetcs hundreds of women can read and write. We increased the skill set available to women and girls in order to make them more competitive in the job market. We gave women and girls the tools they need to become socially and economically self-determining. We offered educational training to provide girls and young women with computer and English language skills, increasing their employment prospects and their ability to set up their own lives. BLO impleement successfuly educational projects with local communities.

We are supporting educational programs, discover youth talents, and train teachers to promote education system in Afghanistan.   

The main aim of BLO organization is to promote human rights and civil societies and assist in establishing unity and harmony among Afghans, with focus on women’s education in Afghanistan. BLO’s mission which created this organization is based on women empowerment in Afghansitan. That is why the key staffs of BLO are educated Afghan’s women who have the ability and necessary expertise to implement cultural and educational programs. BLO is committed towards strengthening civil society by promoting economic and human rights through education. We accomplish these goals by providing educational services and training for women and girls in partnership with national and international NGOs and U.N agencies. 

We stablished educational center in Kandahar and trained houndred of young women in computer, English and vocational trainings.

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